Your Commission

Commissioning a painting is a wonderful investment and enterprise as a painting becomes a cherished symbol of the idea, scene, or person it portrays for generations. Because a painting is made from the interaction between an artist and his subject, the painting is inherently a representation of the time spent between the two, unending through its existence. This timelessness is one of the major advantages a painting done from life has over a photograph, which is only a technical recording of a split second.

The Process

The commission process begins with a discussion of the painting's subject, theme, environment, size, timeframe of completion, and if the artist is to do the framing. The second stage consists of a meeting or correspondence through which the drawings and compositions are discussed, and a design is agreed upon. Both parties will sign a contract at this point, and dates will be assigned to different stages of development.

The first date settled upon will be for a review of the drawing, which will act as the finalized version of the painting in composition and proportion. This drawing however will remain as the artist's. The second stipulated date is for the client's reception of the painting. The client is also welcomed to check in on the progress of the painting through studio visits. The schedule of a portrait commission will naturally be different as sittings will be necessary.

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