Mr. Berger works primarily on a commission basis.  His portraits, murals, and sacred works are specifically made for private, public, and liturgical use.  He also paints landscapes and still lives which are symbolic and allegorical.  These are for sale through this website and his studio.


Mr. Berger believes that true art is functional, whether its intention is for use in a Church, for allegory, meditation, or honor.  He champions the idea that as a non-verbal language, art, in any capacity, must use symbolism to achieve its goal, while using representation as a technical means to state the symbols. 


All of Mr. Berger's commissioned and non commissioned work is made with the purest pigments from across the world and the finest belgium linen.  All paint, supports and priming are made by hand. 

Sacred Art

Still Life




Contact at:


Richard Berger Fine Art Studio


Freehold Borough,

New Jersey



(732) 547-7657