The Commission Process


When you comission a painting, you and the artist will first discuss the art work's subject, story, composition, materials, dimensions, framing, completion date, and price.


Once an idea is settled upon, the artist will develop a compositional sketch that will act as a visual foundation of what the painting will be. This sketch will be approved by the client before any other work in begun.


Then, the artist will work on the studies of the individual elements of the picture. These will be synthesized into a final fully realized design. 


Once completed,  the design will be transferred to the canvas and the painting process is begun.


Throughout the painting process, the artist will provide updates to the client.


After drying, the painting will be delivered. The client can decide to wait an additional 6 months for the artist to apply a varnish on the painting, or they can have it shipped when it is dry to the touch.

Contact at:


Richard Berger Fine Art Studio


10 West Main Street

Third Floor

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New Jersey



(732) 547-7657